If you are considering doing the plans on the front page, then these recipes could really help boost your results when done alongside the fitness.   You will recieve around 30 different recipes which also include the morning shake recipe.


Slow cook meals

On the left is the slow cook chicken curry, the prep time on this meal is around 5 minutes.


Once you know which spices to use creating a curry like this is easy.









Creating ready meals for other days.

This is the Red Pepper Chilli Con Carne, this recipe make 3 very good sized meals.


You can feed your family or create ready meals for yourself on other days.









This is the French Onion Soup and is very easy to make, it is also very tasty too.


Included in the recipes are around 9 different soups.


Soups are a great way to increase your vegetable intake.






Stir fries.

This is a chicken and vegetable stir fry. 


Like the soups, stir fries are a tasty way to get more vegetables into your everyday eating habits.







Morning shake recipe.

The morning shake recipe keeps you fuller for longer into the morning meaning you are less likely to snack.


This recipes takes around 1 minute to prepare and probably 30 seconds to drink.


This is an ideal recipe for people who are rushing around in the morning.






All recipes use easy to find ingrediants.

All recipes have easy to follow instructions.

Cost for all recipes (without the fitness) = £40