Customer age 42 who lost 1 stone and 31cm in 4 weeks.



36 year old mum of 3 after 8 weeks.



9 stone 13 pounds down to 9 stone 3 pounds (10 pounds lost) in 6 weeks for 30 year old mum of 2, she also lost 44cm overall.



45 year old mum of 6 who went from a size 14 to a size 10 in 7 weeks, in time for a summer holiday.



35 year old mum of 3, she lost 4 stones in 5 months.


Tummy fat very much reduced in 4 weeks for customer age 44.


Tummy fat reduced for grandma age 58.


My customers are doing a martial arts based fitness workout, this means they are spending their session kicking and punching the pads and shields, they are also doing lots of martial arts based fitness training.


For my customers this is a welcome alternative to personal training sessions where they end up doing starjumps, holding plank positions or exercises that cause lots of pain for very little gain, burpess being the obvious example.


How many time per week are customers doing home personal training?

My customers train once per week for their results.


A more long term sustainable way to do fitness?

My customers tend to be busy working parents who are unable to commit to a total lifestyle change.  When they were in their 20s they may well have been able to go to a gym 3 times per week, however as soon as children come along my customers were unable to spend lots of time at the gym.


My customers also have work commitments which made getting to a gym more tricky and not forgetting my customers often have to take their own children to sports clubs (karate, swimming lessons, football practice).   If they are taking their own children to karate lessons they struggle to find time to keep themselves fit,


There are those customers who openly admit they were never athletes or wanted to lead the lifestyle of a disciplined athlete.  They want the end results (a slimmer bodyshape) and to lead the lifestyle that they currently enjoy.


Advantages of this type of fitness for you

  • This method of personal training is very light on the body so ideal for people with barriers to training and the over 40s.
  • Kicking and punching the pads is ideal for people seeking rapid fat loss results.  If you have been slogging away in the gym and seen poor results, why not try something else?
  • Everything done in your home, I bring all the equipment (the kickshield and the mitts).
  • Personal training session ran by instructor with 40 years training experience.




Changes seen in 2 weeks for 24 year old mum of 2

(younger people will see much quicker results).



Back to a toned size 10 for customer age 51 in 6 weeks who lost lots of cm from the tummy area.



38 year old mum of two, went from a size 16 to a size 12 in 10 weeks, she lost 54cm from all areas of the body too.



45 year old customer with fibromyalgia with slightly limited movements who managed to lose 73cm in 10 weeks.



68cm lost in 9 weeks for 30 year old mum of two.


41cm lost in 4 weeks for 30 year old mum of 2, she lost most from her lower tummy area (see bottom of vest). 


  • Trial session - £25

For 3 week block

  • 1 session in 3 weeks - £40
  • 2 session in 3 weeks - £65
  • 3 sessions in 3 weeks £79

If you want more than 1 fitness session per week.

  • 4 sessions in 3 weeks £100
  • 5 sessions in 3 weeks £110
  • 6 sessions in 3 weeks £125

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Email - Myhomeworkout@hotmail.com