15 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks for customer age 42, she also lost 31cm.


Changes seen in 10 weeks for 31 year old mum of 2.


Progress made for 35 year old mum of 3.


11 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks for 34 year old mum of 2, she a lost 36cm overall with tummy area seeing much of reduction.


Changes seen for customer age 44, lower tummy starting to reduce.


The feedback you see below are from customers who did the home personal training and people who are doing the online options.


Karen age 47



Feedback from Donna age 48



Feedback from Kelly age 34


The diet (or recipes) includes 30 different recipes, these include soups, stir fries, curries, slow cook meals, overnight oats and the morning shake recipe, below are some of the recipes.


The diet (recipes) will include making recipes that include meat, fish and vegetables. If you do need help in this area then the recipes could be useful for you.


If you can combine the recipes with the home workouts then you will boost your chances of getting the results that you are wanting.

For price see below.


Have a look at the options below to see the various options.



Fitness sessions are done via zoom, the only thing you need for these sessions is an internet connection (no equipment is needed). 


The online sessions have two different formats, the martial arts themed workout and the circuit/abdominal based workout.  Below is a quick description of both workouts.


Circuit training and abdominal workout.

This workout includes lots of circuit training favourites, squats, pressups and a huge variety of abdominal exercises that will really tone the tummy.  This workout is ideal for those who want to tone up and see a huge increase to their fitness levels.


Martial arts themed fitness workout.

This workout uses adapted exercises from the home personal training, this is a martial arts themed fitness session.  This workout uses lesser known exercises such as maggots and leg triangles.


As you can see from the before and after photos on this webpage this method of fitness delivers very fast toning outcomes for my customers and customers see a huge increase to their fitness levels too.  You will be doing adapted martial arts techniqes too.


Session times

Monday 6pm - Circuit training/abdominals.

Monday 6:45pm - Martial arts fitness.


Tuesday 8pm - Circuit training/abdominals.

Tuesday 8:45pm - Martial arts fitness.


Wednesday 7pm - Martial arts fitness

Wednesday 7:45pm - Circuit training/abdominals


Thursday 6pm - Martial arts fitness

Thursday 6:45pm - Circuit training/abdominals


(see bottom of page)


These are a selection of the above workouts (live workouts) so you can train at times to suit you.

Trial cost

3 workouts = £15 (£30 with recipes)

5 workouts = £20 (£30 with recipes)

10 workouts = £24 (£30 with recipes)

12 workouts = £25 (£30 with recipes)

Can I join the lives?

If you purchase 12 workouts (12 workouts for £25) then for one month you can join any of the live sessions for £1


Online personal training is a better option for people who want a fitness session that is tailor made to suit their needs. 

The cost (see bottom of page)


Brief description

This is the workout that is being done by the people in the before and after photos.  People who do the home personal training spend their session doing a martial arts themed fitness workout.


This means home personal training customers are doing a variety of kicks and punches against the pads (customers are taught to do the techniques safely), this is great for stress release and allows my customers to see very rapid results.



  • Trial session = £25

If you carry on

  • £30 per session (one fitness session per week recomended).


Tina age 44, kicking and punching the pads toned her post baby tummy after 5 weeks (which she had for 23 years)

45 year old mum of 6 (sunbathing below)

From a size 14 to a toned size 10 in 7 weeks, this customer toned all over and lost 16 pounds in weight too just before her holiday.

42 year old mum of 2.

Tummy very much reduced for customer age 42 in 10 weeks.



Lesley age 57 who saw a tightening of the tummy after 3 weeks.



Tummy toning for Denise age 58.



1/2 stone lost in 2 weeks for Wendy age 39

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Option 1 - Live workouts price list

£5 pay as you train (for 1 session)

£8 for 2 sessions.

£20 for 5 sessions

£25 for access to 16 sessions in the month/4 sessions per week

(mix and match)

£30 to access all 32 sessions in the month


Option 2 - Recorded workouts only

See option 2 (above) current most popular option is 12 workouts for £25


Option 3 - Online personal training

£20 per session


Option 4 - Home personal training

£30 per session



Phone or text - 07400 572300


Email -


If you would like to start or have any questions that need answering.