15 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks for customer age 42 and she lost 31cm overall.

4 stones lost in 5 months for 35 year old mum of 3.


51cm lost in 9 weeks for 42 year old mum of 2, huge losses from tummy area.


9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 in 6 weeks for 30 year old mum of 2, a loss of 10 pounds, she also lost 44cm in 6 weeks.


36 year old mum of 3 photo shows difference in 6 weeks.


1/2 stone lost in 2 weeks for customer age 39.

34 year old mum of 2, she lost 11 pounds in weight as 36cm from all areas of the body in 4 weeks, her tummy photo is included.


If you want to boost your chances of getting the results that you want then you need to ensure that you putting the right kind of food into your body.  Below are a couple of examples of the recipes I give to my customers.


On the left is the slow cook chicken curry, this recipe takes around 5 minutes to prepare.


Once you know which everyday spices to use then curries like these are very tasty and easy to make.


On the right is onion and garlic soup, recipes like this are easy to make and will save you a small fortune in money. 


This recipe will feed 3 people or you can have the soups on other days as microwave meals.

Th diet includes 30 recipes, easy to follow eating guildance is available as is an easy to follow meal planner.

If you can get this right then you boost your results.


If you are wanting similar results to the people in the photos then you need to be doing a similar kind of workout, below is brief overview of the fitness training you will be doing.


Quick description of these workouts.

If you have tried fitness plans in the past which involve exercises such as burpees, squats or starjumps and you have found the workouts to be ineffective, or even worse painful, you will be pleased to know this is not a Hiit type workout.


This is more a martial arts themed workout, people doing the home personal training spent the session kicking and punching the shields (they were taught how to do the techniques). 


The online options or recorded workouts use exercises that have been adapted from the home personal training.

Quick description of the options.


If you are motivated and have a good understanding of the eating sides of things then this is a sensible option, £2.50 per workout.


The advantages of 10 workouts for £25 over joining a gym are.

  • No petrol of diesel costs driving to and from a gym.
  • No getting stuck in traffic jams.
  • The full workout completed in  the time it could take you to drive one way (2 miles) to a gym, assuming you don't get stuck in a traffic jam, in which case it will take longer to drive to a gym.
  • You are doing a workout that is proven to work and that is for the over 40s as well.

Cost for 10 workouts


With the recipes included - £30

That is 10 home workouts and all the recipes included for £30 that is everything that you need to get results in your front room for £30.


A good option for people who prefer to train as the session is happening, these sessions are done over zoom, no equipment is needed, the only thing required is a decent internet connection.

Session times.

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm


  • 1 session is £6 or 2 sessions are £10.


A better option for people who are wanting a workout put together based more on their individual needs.

  • £20 per session.

Will i need any fitness equipment?

  • No equipment is required for online personal training, the only thing you need is a decent internet connection at home.


Where the Personal Trainer comes to your house to deliver the session, one fitness session per week will get results. 


One fitness session per week works best for people with busy lifestyles, however discounts are available for people who are wanting to do 2 or even 3 sessons per week.


Feedback from customer age 48 who lost her celluite.

Tummy fat vastly reduced for customer age 44

This customer had been struggling to lose her post baby tummy for the previous 23 years, Kicking the pads vastly toned her tummy in 4 weeks.

45 year old mum of 6 (sunbathing below)

From a size 14 to a toned size 10 in 7 weeks, this customer toned all over and lost 16 pounds in weight too just before her holiday.

Home personal training costs.

  • £30 for 1 session.
  • £50 for 2 sessions.

If you do a before and after photo

  •  I'll refund you £50 or give 2 free sessions.


Phone or text - 07400 572300


Email - myhomeworkout@hotmail.com


If you would like to start or have any questions that need answering.