The first series of photos shows customer age 42 who wanted to be more toned for her holidays, she lost 15 pounds in weight and 31cm from all areas of the body.

Size 16 to a size 12 in 10 weeks for 38 year old mum of two, she lost 53cm overall.

35 year old mum of 3, her progress photos.

71cm lost overall for 30 year old mum of 2.

Tummy toning for the over 50s and grandparents (customer age 57)

Progress made by week 2


If you can improve your overall eating habits then you have a much better chance of getting the results that you are wanting.   In all honesty this isn't a diet it is more promoting the concept of healthy eating and combining healthy eating with the fitness training.


There are 30 different recipes and these range from curries, soups, stir fries, overnight oats, omelletes, slow cook meals and snack ideas.   


Included with the recipes is a very basic easy to follow meal planner, if you need a more bespoke meal planner then please contact.


Morning shake recipe



The morning shake recipe is prepped in around 60 seconds and drank in around 30 seconds. 


This shake will keep you fuller for longer into the morning meaning you are less likely to need to snack


Simple recipe, filling and perfect for those rushing around in the morning.








Slow cook chicken curry



Curries like the one on the left take 5 minutes to prepare.


Once you know which everyday spices to use making a curry like this is a doddle, and at £1.20 per portion will save you plenty of money.








French onion soup (lots of garlic)



The only thing you need for french onion soup are onions, garlic and a few spices.


There are around 9 different soups included with the 30 different recipes.






Recipes come with easy to follow instructions.

Costs for recipes

  • Morning shake only - £2.50.
  • Morning shake recipe, slow cook chicken curry, french onion soup = £7
  •  All 30 recipes = £30 (why not include the fitness?) see below.


You have a choice between home personal training and also the online fitness sessions, below is a quick desciption of both options.


The only thing that you need for these online workouts is a decent internet connection and something to view the workouts on.  No fitness equipment is required and everything is done from the comfort of your own home.


What happens if I miss a session I have paid for?

If you are unable to attend a live online workout then you will recieve a recording of the fitness session missed, so you can complete the online workout at a time to suit you.


Note - some people choose to do recorded workouts only because are unable to do fitness at set times.


Session times (live online workouts)

Monday 6:30pm

Tuesday 7pm

Wednesday 6:15pm

Thursday 6pm

(recorded workouts available if you choose to do live workouts and you are unable to attend).


Cost for online workouts

£5 pay as you train

£20 for 2 weeks (if doing lives)

£15 for 2 weeks (if doing recorded workouts only)


£30 for 1 month (if doing lives)

£23 for 1 month (if doing recorded sessions only)


£30 for any of the above options and all the recipes.


For morning shake recipe (+) 3 recorded workouts = £9.99

If you would like to chat about any of the options please contact 07400 572300


Online personal training is the better option if you need a workout that more tailored to meet your personal needs.  The online workouts (above) will get results, however they are not tailored to meet the needs of an individual.


With online personal training we can put together a fitness session based on the type of workout you enjoy and the areas of the body you are wanting to target.


No equipment is required and I can work with people anywhere around the world, internet connection required.


Online personal training cost

  • £20 for trial session.
  • £25 pay as you train.
  • £80 for 4 sessions (recipes can be included, feel free to request when booking).

If you would like to chat about any of the options please contact 07400 572300


Home personal training is where I come to your home to deliver the personal training session (or you can come to me). 


Home personal training - quick description

I come to your house to deliver the workout that you request and the areas of the body you wish to target.


However, if you are wanting to get the kinds of results seen by the people on this page then it is very much advisable that you do the same methods that worked for these people.


My customers are doing a martial art based workout and this means they are spending the session kicking and punching my shields and pads (doing martial art kicks and punches) as well as doing lots of martial arts based fitness training.


(your personal training session is taken by instructor with 40 years training experience).


Home personal training - what if you haven't done martial arts before?

Around 99.5% of my home personal training customers had never done martial arts before and so they were doing a method of training that they were not familiar with.


I will teach you how to do your techniques and exercises safely.


The advantages of doing a martial arts based fitness workout for you (home personal training).

  • The retention levels are very high which suggests my customers enjoy this method of fitness.
  • This method of fitness is very light on the body, people who do this method of fitness are not left in agony for days after the home personal training session (being in agony is not good if you have to go to work the following day).
  • This method of fitness is effective with one fitness session per week.  This is a better option for people who are not able to be training 3 or 4 times per week (work and family reasons).
  • One fitness session per week is more sustainable long term for my customers, hence many train long term.​
  • This is a very effective fat burning workout.
  • Great for getting rid of stress.

Great for those who like to sweat when working out.

This customer didn't sweat when going to a gym, but 30 minutes per week of home personal training left her pouring with sweat, much leaner and much fitter too.

Home personal training cost

  • £25 for trial session.

Pay as you train

  • £40 per session (if I go to your house).
  • £30 per session (If you come to me).

Discuss a discount with me.

The above prices are full price which you should only consider if you plan to do 2 or 3 sessions and then stop.


If on the other hand you are looking to be consistent and are serious about seeing results then I will give you a good discount on the home personal training, even if you want to do 1 session per week for 5 weeks, and then keep rebooking every 5 weeks.


Discuss with me your requirements, how many times per week you wish to train and we can work out a price.

Call me for a better price on 07400 572300


Tina age 44

Five weeks of home personal training finally toned Tina's post baby tummy (she had for 23 years) which gym workouts could not budge.

45 year old mum of 6 (sunbathing below)

From a size 14 to a toned size 10 in 7 weeks for customer age 45 who was doing home personal training just before her holiday.

Customer age 38

Her goal was to be toned in time for her holiday abroad, photos taken 6 weeks apart, huge reductions from tummy and legs.

Toning in 6 weeks

Lower tummy reduced in 10 weeks for 42 year old mum of 2, she lost 1 stone 11 pounds.

Lower tummy starting to reduce after 2 weeks for 24 year old mum of 2.

4 stones lost in 20 weeks for 33 year old mum of 3.

Tummy toning for Denise age 58.

Toning for customer age 52

Despite almost losing a leg in an accident and this customer being limited with what she could do, she was able to do the personal training, see a reduction in back fat, tummy fat, bingo wings and cellulite and regain the figure she had 20 years previously.

Toning for people in their 20s.

29cm lost from lower tummy and tops of legs for customer age 22.

Toning for people in their 50s.

Massive reductions from tummy area for customer age 51, she was back to a toned size 10.

Toning for people in their 40s.

Progress photos from customer age 44 who was doing recorded workouts (option 1 above).  Her caesarean scar became more visible after 3 sessions due to her lower tummy becoming more toned.

Feedback from Kelly age 34 who was doing recorded workouts.

Feedback from zoe a 40 year old mum of 3.

25cm lost and 9 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks, she was doing recorded workout option.

Feedback from Karen a grandma age 47.

Feedback from Donna age 48


Phone or text - 07400 572300


Email - myhomeworkout@hotmail.com


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If you would like to start or have any questions that need answering, please call 07400 572300