The days of driving to and from a gym are over, as are ever increasing fuel costs driving to and from a gym. 


This is because home workouts allow you to get fat loss results from the comfort of your own home.

Examples of results below

15 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks and 31cm lost from all areas in 4 weeks for customer age 42

4 stones lost in 5 months for 35 year old mum of 3.

51cm lost in 9 weeks for 42 year old mum of 2, huge losses from tummy area.

9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 in 6 weeks for customer age 30.  She also lost 44cm in 6 weeks.

36 year old mum of 3 changes in 6 weeks.

1/2 stone lost in 2 weeks for customer age 39.

34 year old mum of 2, she lost 11 pounds in weight as 36cm from all areas of the body in 4 weeks, her tummy photo is included.


If you want to boost your results, then you need to ensure that you are putting the right kind of food into your body. 


There are 30 recipes available, and these include stir fries, soups, curries, slow cook meals, the morning shake recipe and slow cook recipes.


The cost for the diet (or recipes) is outlined below.


If you have tried fitness plans in the past which involve exercises such as burpees, squats or starjumps and this kind of fitness doesn not suit you then you will be pleased to know this is an alternative to those types of fitness sessions.


This is more a martial arts themed workout, people doing the home personal training spend the session kicking and punching the shields (they are taught how to do the techniques). 


The online options or recorded workouts use exercises that have been adapted from the home personal training.


This method of fitness is much lighter on the body and the results from this kind of fitness training can be seen on this page.


No equipment is needed, the only thing that you need is a decent internet connection and a device to view the sessions. 


Online workouts allow you to train anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your home.


Cost to join live sessions.

  • £6 pay as you train
  • £10 for 2 sessions
  • £30 for one month
  • £35 for one month plus all the recipes

Cost for recorded workouts

A better option for people who are unable to train at set times, this option allows people to train at times to suit them. 


Live sessions and recorded workouts have exactly the same content (recorded workouts are the lives that were recorded).

  • £9 for 3 workouts
  • £19 for one month (you recieve 3 workouts per week).
  • £30 for one month of fitness and all the recipes.


This is a better option for people who want a fitness workout put together based on their needs.  A workout which will target the area of the body you want to target and the type of workout you wish to do.


You can choose to do a Bootcamp/Circuit Training type session, lots of abdominals or a martials arts themed workout or a mixture of all workouts. 


Online personal training where the workout is put together based on your needs and wants.



  • Trial workout = £18

If you carry on

  • £25 for 1 session or £39 for 2 sessions.


Where the Personal Trainer comes to your house to deliver the session.  If you choose to do the martial arts based personal training session, then one fitness session per week will get results. 


If you choose to do an alternative method of fitness then you are likely to need to be training 3 times per week, so if you request a circuit and abdominals type workout (for example) you will need more than one personal training session per week.

Your PT session is taken by instructor with 40 years training experience

I started training when I was 5, so although I'm getting on a bit, I'm not an OAP (yet).


  • £30 per session
  • £35 for 2 people (£17.50 each)


Feedback from customer age 48.

Feedback from Karen age 48 a Grandma of 5

Tina age 44, kicking and punching the pads toned her post baby tummy after 5 weeks (which she had for 23 years)

45 year old mum of 6 (sunbathing below)

From a size 14 to a toned size 10 in 7 weeks, this customer toned all over and lost 16 pounds in weight too just before her holiday.


Phone or text - 07400 572300


Email - myhomeworkout@hotmail.com


If you would like to start or have any questions that need answering.